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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Benefits Of Using AdEspresso To Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns

If you are managing a large number of campaigns, you will need an external advertising platform. This will not only make your life easier by saving you a lot of time and energy, but most platforms give you access to detailed metrics and visual analytics that you won't find in Facebook's Ads Manager. 

I have been using AdEspresso for a few months now, to manage a monthly budget of £100,000 and 100+ campaigns, and the results are truly impressive. Split testing is a breeze, as you can literally set up hundreds of ad variations within minutes and their custom optimisation tool makes it easy to set up rules to meet our advertising objectives.

Very quick campaign setup. It takes a very long time to set up campaigns in Facebook’s Ads Manager, especially if you want to test multiple ads. In AdEspresso, setting up a new campaign with as many as 50 ad variations takes only five minutes.

Accurate A/B testing. Facebook doesn’t allow you evenly rotate ads. When setting up a campaign with multiple ads, the ad that gets the earliest engagement gets showed the most, while the others get less exposure. This is not an accurate A/B test and does not tell you that the ad that got the most exposure was indeed the best ad. An alternative would be to place each ad within its own ad set, with the same target audience and budget, but that's not very time efficient.

In AdEspresso, each ad is automatically placed in a separate ad set and the budget is split evenly between all ads. Since all ads get identical exposure, you will be able to easily identify the creative that resonates with your audience the most and redistribute your budget accordingly. 

Very useful insights and analytics that aren’t available in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

1. Auto-optimization and custom optimization rules – this means you don’t have to constantly keep checking every campaign throughout the day and make changes, you can simply apply your own set of rules and the campaigns will be automatically optimized at midnight. This is incredibly useful if you have very specific advertising objectives and certain budget constraints.

2. Accessible stats on best performing vs. worst performing ads. This will give you a quick overview on which ad is performing best, along with the top factors influencing the campaign's performance.

3. An audience inspector that shows you exactly how each age group performs, based on Facebook's standard age breakdown and your selected conversion event.

4. Impressions, clicks and CTR for each targeted interest. This will help you narrow down your current audience selection and also come in handy for future campaigns using a similar target audience.

5. One place where you can monitor all user comments on your ads, instead of having to go through all your notifications on Facebook manually. This will save you so much time!

6. Insights on what time of the day and days of the week your campaign is performing at its best.

7. Detailed reporting and analysis for all ads in one place, including daily performance fluctuations based on your selected conversion event. In Facebook, if you want to compare the performance of all ads within an ad set, you need to check all of them individually.

Very quick and efficient campaign management. Everything from campaign set up to tracking and managing is so much quicker in AdEspresso than in Facebook’s Ads Manager.


Over the past few months, I have applied a set of custom optimization rules which have automatically increased the budget on the best performing campaigns at midnight, thus not affecting the delivery on the following day. After each day that these rules were applied, I have seen a lower CPA figure and better results throughout the week.

By analyzing some metrics and stats that weren’t available in Facebook's Ads Manager, I have been able to identify the best audiences for our product and understand why each campaign performs the way it does. This involves looking at a lot of different metrics, but having them systematically displayed on the dashboard made everything to much easier.

All campaigns set up directly in AdEspresso have performed better a week after set up than any campaign set up before in Facebook’s Ad Manager. This is likely because I've had access to a lot of different metrics that allowed me to effectively optimize the campaigns from the very first days, instead of waiting a week or two to gather enough data.

Managing a lot of different campaigns with a large budget is very time-consuming. Having AdEspresso to speed things up has made a great difference to my workload, I was able to work on each campaign much more efficiently and still increase the volume to meet our target. Our average cost per conversion (website sign-up) has also gone down from £1.84 to £1.44 in the first couple of weeks, to £1.04 within the next month.


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