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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Key Takeaways from Masters of Measurement (Advertising Week Europe 2018)

Not at #AWEurope in London this week? These are the key takeaways from Tuesday's seminar with Kathy Dykeman (Facebook), Beth Carlson (Adobe), Erin McKelvey (SalientMG), Dennis Ellis (LiveRamp) and Nick Morley (Integral Ad Science), Masters of Measurement, an inspiring panel discussion on the effectiveness of advertising spend and campaign management in today's data-driven ecosystem:

  • The measurement industry is still desynchronized and there are no general standards that everyone is following.
  • Buyer confidence has been decreasing over the past twelve months; brands need to ensure their customers that they have the right measurement tools in place.
  • People have more confidence in TV channels than digital media; brands are trying to get to a base where they're safe from fraud, are operating in a brand-safe environment, and can ensure their ads are being shown in the right place before they are trying to sell to their consumers.
  • The desire to learn more comes from the brand side (for measurement), then agencies. Brands have quickly caught up on viewability and brand safety issues, and the acceleration of investment from brands to solve these issues has been significant.
  • Every interaction with a customer ties back to brand identity. Based on that, brands implement their measurement based on objectives, targeting, and partnerships.
  • Brands are starting to look at what's the optimum level of viewability for their objectives. They prefer to get their understanding in-house rather than through agencies.
  • It's a good economic decision for Facebook, Google and other closed platforms to be open to third-party measurement.
  • In the past year, Facebook has been prioritizing onboarding third-party partnerships and is looking at how their platform is impacting the way people think and perceive a product).
  • Verification partners are extremely important and are shaping the industry. Brands want data they can trust and measures that matter, and they need to come from an independent third-party partner.
  • Every approach to measurement should be unique. Agencies should design bespoke solutions for brands using the data that they have available, and not plain templates.
  • Campaign optimization - there's been a big shift among advertisers, primarily digital native.
  • Brands are investing in measurement solutions for in-app environments, as a lot of new channels are emerging. They are mainly looking for third-party integrations to help enable mobile measurement.
  • For short-term campaign optimization brands should use actual brand outcome data, not proxies, to determine the specifics of a campaign (the best creative, the placement, the best audience, etc.).
  • Brands understand the importance of building partnerships; they need to be able to connect and offline transaction to an online impression and attribute it to the same person.
  • Having the right partners to connect you with the right data is crucial. As a brand, you need to ensure consumers are getting value in exchange for the data they are sharing.

Watch a replay of the live presentation right here, on AW Europe's official website.

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